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November 30, 2009

Gave it a year. Grade? F.

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JP-B sez:

Ever since Joe Wilson’s crass display during Obama’s speech back in September, I’ve been truly fearful of what lies ahead for our country. I see stoopid people everywhere and all kidding aside, they scare the Hell out of me. It’s like there’s an undercurrent of hatred and despair about to reach a crescendo the equivalent to watching a long, slow train wreck being set in motion, knowing full well that we the people are about to be thrown underneath it.

I’m as disillusioned with our political system now as I was during the late 60s and early 70s. The political climate is rife with the same kind of hatred and arrogance that led to the chaos and violence at the DNC in Chicago and the slaughter of protesting students at Kent State University. Have we learned nothing from the mistakes of the past? Some of the most insidious statements I’ve heard over the past year and a half have been made by well educated people I’ve known and respected for a very long time. I look at them now and I just don’t understand what has happened to their value systems and their sensibilities and It saddens me.

Maybe I’m making to much of it all. Is it me?

To which I reply:

I suppose Gandhi’s idea of “being the change you want to see” is applicable here.

I am scared by the ignorance and the hatred, but when I look at the way the government is ‘functioning’ I am a lot closer to Glen Beck than Nancy Pelosi.

This has actually caused me to bite my tongue up until now because I am having trouble with the realization that although we are diametrically opposed, we both want the same thing: a government that works for the people and not whoever the hell the government is working for right now.

We have people that spent 8 years screaming about the shredding of the Constitution now silent as lambs about Obama doubling down on those policies. We have a President elected on a platform of Progressive Change doing the bidding of some of the most powerful sectors of our country (Pharma, the Medical Industry, Wall Street, and the Industrial-Military Complex). And we are attempting to placate a country that is literally poisonous to every empire that has attempted to conquer it (Afghanistan).

The anger we see is the inevitable result of the co-opting of our government by extra-human forces (No, not aliens. Corporations.) If you look at the way the Senate acted in the waning years of the Roman Empire you will see many parallels to what is going on in our Congress today.

In other words, JP-B, just business as usual for an Empire that has gotten too big for its britches. My suggestion is that we work on being more compassionate, more loving, and more human. All the rest will happen whether or not we lose our minds.


February 14, 2009

O? Crap.

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First Obama stayed silent on Israel’s taking of a giant steaming dump on Gaza. He claimed that there was only one President, and that it would be improper to say anything. Nice dodge.

On January 23rd Predator drones fires missiles into Pakistan, killing at least 15, or 17. It took only three days for Obama to launch an attack inside a sovereign nation, an ally to boot. Hey, nobody said he isn’t efficient.

Then he dissed journalistic legend Helen Thomas by refusing to answer a question about nukes in the Mideast. The correct answer, common knowledge to anyone paying attention to international politics since JFK, is Israel. At this point I’m starting to not feel very hopeful about change, but how much did I really expect?

Then the DOJ lawyers, to the astonishment of the judges reviewing the case, fully assert the Bush-era States Secrets dodge. This has the audacity to really start pissing me off.

And now. Well, take it away, Mr. San Francisco Chronicle Reporter:

For the second time this week, the Obama administration has gone to court in San Francisco to argue for secrecy in defending a terrorism policy crafted under George W. Bush – in this case, wiretapping that President Obama denounced as a candidate.

What. The. Fuck.

I didn’t have unrealistic expectations for this administration. I knew I was going to be let down. But I was not prepared to be this let down this quickly.
At this point it appears that the Obama administration wants to double down on many of Bush’s policies. And this is a terrible wager to risk.

I wonder if Dennis is already writing a sequel to Savage Mules. At the rate this administration is going there will be more than enough fodder for the record books.

December 19, 2008

Change I can believe in…

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h/t droogie6655321

November 6, 2008


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I’m not sure what to say. I was really happy, happier than I thought I’d be, when Obama was declared the winner.

I put a lot of faith in Nate Silver at 538, and he pretty much nailed it. I was not worried about Washington State going to Obama, so I picked a third party candidate. But I was feeling the chills when he was giving his acceptance speech. It was pretty amazing to see America do something right for a change.

As far as McCain goes, I thought his speech was dignified and statesmanlike. If we had seen that guy for the whole race I doubt it would have been such a blow-out.

Now I see that Obama has already picked Rahm Emanuel for his chief of Staff. At least that gets Rahm out of the Congress, which I think is a really good thing. this is the guy who has supported corporate hacks over truly progressive candidates for as long as I have been paying attention, so I hope with his departure from the scene that the Congress will move further Leftward.

So I guess I am truly happy that Obama won, but I am not holding out hope that it is going to be a lot better. I would like to see some smart appointments (we have a huge mess to clean up after the Huge Dick and his Fratboy Wonder) and an Apollo-program-like push for Made in America alternative energy program. Maybe that is too much to hope for, but I hear that hope is all the rage these days.

Just one more thing. When are the spellchecker guys (kinda like The Man) going to stop flagging Obama as a misspelled word? Seriously. WTF?

October 28, 2008

What is the American Dream?

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As this elections season lurches into its final lap, I can’t help wondering at what has been going on. It seems that many Americans are supporting policies that directly go against their own self interest.  And in the name of what?

Reader sarah nails it:

i think it’s just part of that american myth, that anyone can be rich and successful, if they will only apply themselves and try harder…so why make things tough for rich people? after all, you’re going to be rich some day real soon, since you’ve been working so hard for so long. and wouldn’t you feel stupid if you supported a policy when you were poor that came right around to bite you once you get rich?

This is the crux of the matter. We have been sold the myth of the American Dream, and the most deluded of us believe that even thought they are lower or middle class, they can’t start to make rich people pay more, because they are planning on being rich themselves.

It is like deciding not to spike your hair up because lightning just might strike you on the way to the club, and wouldn’t you feel stupid if you went through all of the trouble with the gel and the hairspray and such. But this is the ‘Dream’ we have been sold.

I honestly can’t see any other explanation as to why the ‘heartland’ is so eager to give away their money to those who already have it. this last week we have seen the ‘Socialist’ meme tossed about by the people who would benefit the most from some form of socialism, namely lower middle class ‘values voters’. I’m sure they would hate to have a solid medical plan, lower taxes, and some sense of stability.

So what is so bad about socialism? Can someone tell me? Obama wants to redistribute the wealth…to the middle class. McCain wants to redistribute the wealth… to the already rich.

I need to take a week long nap. Wake me when its over.

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