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January 25, 2008

Suck it in, Baby!

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I’ve made a friend.

Yesterday, in a fit of, well, a fit, I penned these words:

I seriously want to kick this guys ass. That is not hyperbole. I want to sneak up on him and jump him in, gang style. And I’m not even a Hillary supporter.

I know, I know, how juvenile could I be? But look what I found lying in my comments section this morning:


Try it, I never met a candy ass liberal who’s ass I couldn’t kick.

Bring it on- just tell them where to pick up your body

Roger Stone

Comment by Roger Stone — January 24, 2008 @ 9:00 pm | Edit This

The comment info/whois was inconclusive, but the tone seems to fit this assclown’s modus operandi. So I thought I’d find out a little more about my new BFF Roger Stone.

Roger Stone started as a political operative for Richard Nixon at age 19. He is widely regarded as the youngest of the Watergate ‘tricksters’. (Way to hit the ground running, dogg!)

From the Weekly Standard article entitled Roger Stone, Political Animal:

He has dabbled in at least eight presidential campaigns, everything from working for Nixon’s Committee To Reelect the President (CREEP) in 1972, to helping stage the infamous 2000 Brooks Brothers Riot in Miami, where angry Republicans in loud madras shorts and pinstriped suits helped shut down the Miami recount. (Stone was directing traffic by walkie-talkie from a nearby van.)

The hits just keep coming! Seems he’s always been quite the joker when it come to acronyms.

He was also caught up in a scandal involving a swingers site, his wife, and a request for athletic men. As far as I’m concerned, that is his business, but I did glean the lead off picture of this post from that tawdry affair.

Then there’s the tat of Nixon:
I know, I know. Once you see something, it can’t be unseen. I’m sorry.

Putting aside the obvious homo erotic implications of putting a man’s face between your shoulder blades…Nixon? I’ll bet he’s a hit at Leather Night Wednesdays.

Politics is an ugly game. Roger Stone is the face of modern American politics.

January 24, 2008

Oh no, he di’int!

Via TPM Muckraker:

A couple of days ago, a group called Citizens United Not Timid filed papers with the IRS as a “527” organization.

Wha..wha..WHAT?!? This is an Onion article, right? Total parody? As my boyz from Germany say:

Sadly, No!

Roger Stone had signed on as the group’s assistant treasurer…In addition to this website being blast-emailed to hundreds of thousands of addresses…Stone is counting on T-shirt sales to further serve as “billboard education.” He figures the whole thing will end up taking on a viral nature, thanks to the yuks factor…

Yuk is right. This is beyond the pale.

I toss around curse words like they are going out of style, but come on! This shit’s like school in MLK Day.

No Class.

And who is this Roger Stone?

Do I really need to say anything? Yes, that tatoo is real. No, I’m not kidding.

Stone wants Democrats to know that “if Hillary is the nominee, a hard 527 rain is going to fall”.

I seriously want to kick this guys ass. That is not hyperbole. I want to sneak up on him and jump him in, gang style. And I’m not even a Hillary supporter.
There is something seriously wrong in this country.