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November 5, 2007

Remember, remember…

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Happy Guy Fawkes Day, everyone. I thought I’d take today to run down the State of the Union, in honor of the revolutionary spirit.

We already have an acting fascist government.

We are a a hair’s breadth away from starting another disastrous war.

The corporate controlled media is totally complicit in all of this.

Dissent has already been criminalized. They just haven’t started the round-ups yet.

In fact, I think we are one false flag operation from the complete suspension of the Constitution. This would explain why they soldier on on all fronts as if they aren’t going anywhere. No Constitution = No elections.

So call me Chicken Little. Accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist.

I just call ’em as I see ’em.

October 12, 2007

Relax. The NeoCons are Doomed.


I stumbled across and article in Smithsonian Magazine that prompted some thoughts. The article is about a young behavioral research scientist who studies chimpanzees. He has looked into the link between aggressive behavior and intelligence:

…we would not have evolved the kind of intelligence we have—the kind that allows us to use our brains together, to build things, to be mentally flexible—if we hadn’t had a shift in temperament.” That is, we had to become more like bonobos and less like chimps, which are high-strung, fearful of strangers and generally intolerant of any chimp lower on the social hierarchy. “We had to lose all those traits in order to become who we are.”

The article explains how he studied foxes at a research facility in Siberia. These foxes have been bred for compatibility with people, and nothing else. So this scientist, Brian Hare, devised tests to asses the ability of the foxes to infer what another being is thinking from social cues. The selectively bred foxes:

…performed brilliantly on tests to understand human gestures, while a control group of normal foxes did not. “The fearless foxes hadn’t been selected to be smarter,” notes Hare. “They were selected for ‘niceness,’ for being able to be handled…

So a tentative link is being drawn between the ability to get along with others and intelligence.

…some scientists have claimed that animals are more likely to survive and reproduce if they are able to read social cues…
But Hare focuses on a slightly different type of social intelligence, the ability to work with others, regardless of whether they are strangers or rank lower in the social hierarchy. Hare’s quest [is] to find the primate roots of our social tolerance—and hence, according to him, our intelligence…

He also finds that when testing chimpanzees for similar traits, the more aggressive chimps fail:

…”because of social tensions. They can’t get beyond that to work together,” Hare says. “Only those chimps that eat together are able to cooperate to solve this task.”

Cue every hedonist’s favorite primate, the bonobos:

But bonobos, close relatives of chimps, relieve social tensions quickly and enthusiastically: when two or more bonobos, of either gender, encounter each other, they have a quick bout of sex. Then they settle down and work on the problem together. Bonobos ace Hare’s tests.

This all makes me wonder if the reason they can’t find a single missing link is because there are more than one. Is it not possible that in separate parts of the world, advanced species of primates could have evolved in a parallel manner? This would explain the chasm that exists between the Right and Left in this country. And, according to this article, the species more adapted to cooperation and empathy is bound to win out in the end. If they don’t kill us all first.

September 10, 2007

My people..

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I’m feeling discouraged. I have outrage fatigue. I can’t keep track of how broken our system is anymore. I have been worn down.

This is precisely where they want us. If the left, or progosphere, or whatever we are tires out, there will be nothing to ballast the extreme right’s Executive Power Grab.

The rank and file of this country is woefully ignorant. Or is it willfully? The government of this country is either insanely corrupt or criminally negligent. Our system of justice is completely compromised. No longer do I hold the illusion that this country is a country of just laws. No longer do I believe that justice has anything to do with the criminal system in this country. No longer do I have faith in America.

From where I stand, I see a system designed by the people and entities that benefit from the system, to the exclusion of a super-majority of the people. From where I stand I see a legal framework that has been gutted and rewritten to be sure that the money stays at the top and the work stays at the bottom. From where I stand, I see a whole lot of shoulders propping up very few people. From where I stand, I see the choice of oppression or revolution.

If we do nothing, we will blissfully consume and barely make it from paycheck to paycheck, purposefully putting the cognitive dissonance out of our minds, until the cloak of death whisks us off to pay whatever karmic debt we may have accrued.

If we revolt, who’s to say the resulting system will be any better? The Constitution was written with much thought to checks and balances, justice, and fairness. And all it has taken to dismantle that is a group of draft dodging psychopaths with overblown senses of entitlement. Even if we could prevail to dislodge the ruling class and the vampiric corporations from the levers of power, how can we be even reasonably certain that we can do any better?

You feelings, dear readers, would be greatly appreciated.

August 24, 2007

The wheels keep turning…

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This is going to hurt!
Oh, shit.

I like this picture for many reasons, the foremost being it is an illustration of my primary learning technique.

I never really learn anything important unless I can feel, viscerally, the impact it has. I don’t think I am alone.

Our Global War on Terror™ seems very similar. As the Defining Struggle of Our Times™, you’d think we would actually feel its effects more. Even the ‘police actions’ of Korea and Vietnam had the draft. Funds were raised by raising taxes. WWII had people coming together as never before to support the war effort. Factories were retrofitted to produce military equipment. Everything of value to the ‘effort’ was rationed. In short, Americans were more than vaguely aware that we were fighting for something for which sacrifice was necessary.

So where are we today? Well, to start out, even as the auto companies are cutting production, the Pentagon cannot deliver enough IED resistant vehicles. The president is cutting taxes, running up a horrendous debt. Our military is beyond stretched. And average Americans wouldn’t even know there was a war afoot if it weren’t for television coverage, which is vapid at best.

So why are we stuck in another dead end war, a quagmire, if you will? Simple. We don’t really have any visceral connection to the war. None at all. If you have a family member in the military you  certainly feel it, but the numbers are too low to generate any real effect on the public discourse.

So the picture above is a metaphor for the near future. We are the bystanders, watching the US huck itsself over another thrilling jump. But something has gone wrong, horribly wrong. And all we can do is stand there with varying expressions of horror, paralyzed by inaction.

But who can blame us? There’s no way we could have known that hurtling over a four foot high jump at high speed to a steep downhill landing could end up like this, is there?  Is there?