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August 22, 2007

Hypocrites, Start Your Engines!

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So, where’s the outrage?

I was over at Firedoglake, reading a post about the Michael Vick case.

You know the one…major professional athlete flushes career down the tubes, all for the love of Dog Fighting

The story is as old as time, right?

Well, while I was reading the comment thread at this particular post, I wondered how many of these pet owners who were so aghast were, in fact, meat eaters.

So I guess I have never gone into my culinary habits. I am officially a Pescatarian. A vegetarian that eats fish. I am not vegan, and I am not puritanically strict. I think if you are capable of slaying the animal yourself, and dressing the animal yourself, and butchering the animal yourself, then you have the right to eat that animal.

I can catch fish, and clean, and fillet, so I give myself a pass on the fishies. (I live in Seattle, so what can I do?) I have some glass blower friends up in Bellingham who bought a live pig for a 4/20 party a few years back. They hogtied it, shot it, gutted it, and roasted it. It was impressive. Those are the kind of people that deserve to eat meat.

This whole dog fighting issue has brought the hypocrisy of pet owners to the forefront for me. It has also made me realize that if the pet owners could be convinced that they love all animals, then we could really make some headway on this issue.

Much has been written on the practices of modern industrial farming. I won’t go into the specifics. I do know that there is something wrong with getting a tiny slice of cow leg on styrofoam, wrapped in plastic film. It is so detached from the source.

So do I get disgusted if someone plops down beside me with a bloody steak? No. I have bigger battles to wage. But don’t tell me about how outraged you are about dog fighting while eating said steak. Then we just may have a problem.