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January 23, 2008

Worthless Democrats

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I have tried to start this post so many times and have just ended up too pissed off to actually go through with it.

Harry Reid is a worthless piece of shit. Nancy Pelosi is a brain dead ninny.

On the Pelosi side, she has said, since she was named Speaker of the House, that impeachment is off the table. What kind of crap is this? She is basically obstructing justice at this point. As some other much more prominent blog said today (I forgot the source), she deserves to be sitting at the defendants’ table at the War Crimes Proceedings.

Robert Wexler has different ideas. He wants Cheney impeached. Go sign his petition.

Harry Reid has allowed the obstructionist Republicans to avoid filibustering by requiring a 60 vote treshold to vote on legistlation. Until Chris Dodd decided that the FISA telecom immunity was filibuster worthy. Not only did he ignore the hold that Dodd put on the bill, now he is making Dodd actually filibuster.

As far as I’m concerned, these two ‘leaders’ are the most worthless pieces of horse manure in our entire government. Sure the Republicans are crooked and vile, but it is in their nature. These are supposed to be the people carrying our nation forward. Unfortunately, I can’t tell them from a garden variety Bush administration official. You know its bad when I start grabbing images from wingnut sites that just seem perfect:


Heh, indeedy.