Donkey Punch

July 24, 2008

Nas & Color of Change (Updated)

Rapper Nas delivers over 600,000 signatures to Fox News protesting its racist content.

I am hoping to see more of the wealthy rappers get invovled in this kind of grassroots protest. These are people who have huge potential to energize a relativley untapped demographic – the disaffected young people identifying themselves with Hip Hop culture. I see a positive side effect of the Obama candidacy is the legitimizing of the role of young people of color in the political process. If Jay-Z his ilk could move in a synchronized fashion, we’d have one hell of a voting bloc on our hands.

For some background on Nas, here’s a video of his song I Can:

This all reminds me of one of the most surreal moments on television, featuring Mike Myers and Kanye West, with a cameo of a seriously stunned Chris Tucker at the end:

Kanye looks like he is about to go postal throughout the whole clip, hardly the swaggering ball of energy he comes off as on stage. And the looks on Myer’s and Tucker’s faces after Kanye drops the bomb are priceless.

How many people have the courage to speak the unadulterated truth in the face of abject misery? This is the kind of courage we need to see much more of if anything is going to get better in this country.

Right on, Nas.


Fox refused to accept the signatures, so Colbert accepted the signatures for Papa Bear. The segment starts at around 8:45.