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February 25, 2008

Excellent? Someone must be on drugs.

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My man Cangrejero over at The Midpoint has decided to cast pearls before swine and award me the Excellent Blogger Award.

So now it is my turn to award 10 blogs for being excellent. The only catch is that they must be individuals who I have not met in person.

Easier said that done.

Dennis Perrin is a shoe-in.

Dave Neiwert is one of the best. Brevity? Not so much.

DownwithTyranny is in there.

Tom Tomorrow is one of the best political cartoonists around, along with…

Lloyd Dangle. Troubletown also gets my side award for most frenetic home page.

Arthur Silber? Sometimes he’s too real for me, but certainly in there.

Jesus’s General. “An 11 on the scale of absolute manly gender.” Need I say more?

Army of Dude? Check.

Church of the FSM? In there simply for the imagination/humor involved.

I miss Clapso. Who else has telepathic crickets?

So there you go. I didn’t list any of the super big sites, because they are already insufferable enough as it is.

And just as soon as I figure out the trackback/pingback situation, they may even know I exist.