Donkey Punch

October 11, 2007

Going Republican. (Updated)

Tom Tomorrow is on of my favorite comedians. He consistently nails the political scene with his stylized cartoons. He and Lloyd Dangle just seem to ride on top of the wave.

Tom wrote today about Pattern Recognition:

I remember this quite clearly — [when] the phrase “going postal” entered the lexicon. You read about one postal worker going on a gun rampage, and then another, and then yet another — and then suddenly it seemed to click for everyone, that there was a distinct pattern emerging, that these weren’t simply troubling isolated incidents but rather a symptom of some larger problem (i.e. the soulless monotony of the job).

You may see where he’s going with this.

We’re clearly at that pattern recognition moment now, the moment at which it becomes obvious to everyone that there’s more going on here, that some not insignificant percentage of sanctimonious moralizers are in fact leading personal lives at odds with their public pronouncements.

I’m just not sure what the phrase should be in this instance. “Going Republican”?


He then goes into a charming little anecdote about Klutzo the Clown. Simply charming.


The Smoking Gun has a video clip of the Klown in Kwestion.  CREEPY!!!1!