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July 2, 2008

My first political contribution.

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I gave $25 to Darcy Burner today. This is the first time I have ever given a candidate money.

Yesterday her house burned down due to faulty wiring in a lamp in her young son’s room. The family got out alive, as well as their puppy. The cat didn’t make it.

But that isn’t why I contributed. I contributed because she is a great progressive voice, but even more because of the nasty comments trolls were leaving over at Horses’s Ass.

I really am tired of watching this country go down in flames because the ‘adults’ running the country constantly act like children. I admit I like to be silly and irreverent, but I try and maintain a modicum of decency to those around me (which is no small feat, and which I regularly fail). But as a father I feel ashamed to see our country governed by people with the psychology of children.

So if you can, drop a couple of bucks in Darcy’s tip jar. Nothing would make a wingnut more mad.

And yes, that is the shirt she was wearing when she was awakened by the flames. If you aren’t aware of all internet traditions, it means End War. Photo by Ellen M. Banner of the Seattle Times.