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April 22, 2008

I’ve got a question.

Filed under: Bush's Democracy, Diebold — t4toby @ 3:08 pm

How come banks can keep track of millions if not billions of pennies going every which way, each and every day, but we can’t insure that our votes are accurately counted?

Really, what is so hard about this? Is it that the profit motive of the banks encourages them to keep track and there is no such motive for elections? Does it serve some higher purpose to keep the elections opaque?

Seriously, we put a dogdammed slew of people on the moon, and we can’t count votes carefully? It is almost like we’re not interested in having a smoothly running democracy.

Epic over at the Great Orange Satan has some interesting info from Pennsylvania today.

Here’s my idea. We vote on electronic machines. When we ‘pull the lever’, a receipt spits out. We then review the receipt and sign it and drop it into a secure ballot box. Then we check the physical receipts to the electronic tallies. If the difference is too large, we know there has been fraud.

Simple right? WTF?