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May 7, 2008

Who’s Your Daddy?

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Did you know that Japan owns 34% of our Treasury Bonds, Bills and Notes?

And China owns almost 29%?

Using my stellar math skills, I’d say that between the two countries, they own 63% of our public debt.

Interestingly enough, Carribean Banking Centers (???) own 6% of the public debt.

If either of these two countries wanted to swamp our economy, they could. Easily. By selling off their bonds they could create a run on Treasury securities, which would destroy the already faltering dollar’s value.

So by going into huge debt to fight two wars, ostensibly to protect our interests, we have given the lynch pin of our economy to one of our biggest historical enemies (Japan) and the single greatest threat to our hegemony (China).

Who is in charge of foreign policy in this country? The effin’ Really Rottens?

*Remind me never to search Google Images for ‘leather daddy’ with the SafeSearch off.