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January 4, 2008


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A cute little scene involving the originators of waterboarding, the priests of the Spanish Inquisition

I am deeply suspicious of the investigation that the Justice department is undertaking into the destruction and subsequent obstructions relative to the CIA torture tapes.

To add to my suspicion:

President George W. Bush said on Thursday he strongly supports a Justice Department investigation into the destruction of CIA videotapes depicting the harsh interrogation of terrorism suspects.

Any paragraph that contains the words Bush, support, and justice seems highly dubious, if not downright laughable. Call it Bush Derangement Syndrome, call it paranoia, what have you. I simply don’t believe that our Department of Justice has any mandate other than to cover up for the crimes of the current administration.

The real question is: Will the Justice Department ever recover its integrity and reputation? The Bush administration has dodged and stonewalled at every opportunity. And when they haven’t (see Abu Gharib), they have quickly punished low level functionaries, stopping the investigations in their tracks.

So here’s my prediction: There will be a very thorough investigation into the actions of the people responsible for the actual physical evidence, and some poor sap(s) will go to jail. Even if they find the actual people responsible, I highly doubt they will be punished.