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June 27, 2007

If I hurry up and post this, it might not go stale.

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As if…


So she didn’t know her tit was going to be exposed to millions of people, but she just happened to adorn her nipple…for comfort?


Evidently, between Prince’s shadow masturbation, and the blatantly homophobic Snickers ad, this Super bowl earned over 150 complaints to the FCC.

What strikes me about these issue is that the media went bonkers over JJ’s blinged-out titty, but I heard not one word about Prince virtually stroking his giant surreal cock. Is that sexism, or too trivial to even take the time to upload these pics?

BTW – if you are the political type, or just think we may need a bit more accountability in government, go sign this petition to start investigating the White House:

 Wexler Wants Hearings!

Just go and sign it already!