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September 24, 2009

Today’s Topic

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Sometimes you don’t like it & sometimes we think its a horrible thing but really let’s think where did you come from? Well the true answer is change! Where did your mother, father, your sister, your brother, well now to think of it your whole family come from, hmm? Well admit it, change! Basically everything came from changes so help make change don’t prevent it because one of the most important things in the universe is CHANGE!

Another one of the most important things in the universe is peace that’s why we’re not doing so well here on earth because some people don’t believe in peace & that effects other people some times & the effects can even turn out to be death or a serious injury or other horrible disasters, so every time you make a decision think how it affects other people. Peace & Change go hand in hand. They need each other and they need you to keep them alive.

written by Maya McKinley Hayse, age 8
(mildly edited)