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November 5, 2007

Remember, remember…

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Happy Guy Fawkes Day, everyone. I thought I’d take today to run down the State of the Union, in honor of the revolutionary spirit.

We already have an acting fascist government.

We are a a hair’s breadth away from starting another disastrous war.

The corporate controlled media is totally complicit in all of this.

Dissent has already been criminalized. They just haven’t started the round-ups yet.

In fact, I think we are one false flag operation from the complete suspension of the Constitution. This would explain why they soldier on on all fronts as if they aren’t going anywhere. No Constitution = No elections.

So call me Chicken Little. Accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist.

I just call ’em as I see ’em.


November 2, 2007


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I look around the blogoshpere, and feel genuine envy.  It seems that people actually own their own computers that actually have connections to the internet.  Man, that’s a sweet gig.

I blog from work, and do not get to put as much time as I would like to into my posts.

This is my way of making an excuse for my spotty and brief posting of late.  That is all.

Except that this lady is my hero:


You go, girl!  Maybe she should run for President.

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